Monthly archive for August 2011

Three things

Because I know you come here to read my wildly fascinating thoughts on one of three topics (the baby, the dentist, and insects) I will give you a little bit of each of those things today. (You’re welcome.)

The Baby

In addition to rolling over, she has recently learned how to blow raspberries. She thinks this is hilarious, we think this is hilarious, and lo there is much hilarity in our house. We are taking her to Camp Hermosa for the first time starting on Saturday. Mike is the only one with any real volunteer responsibilities, and he keeps reminding me that I can always take her home if things don’t go according to plan, but I refuse to entertain this idea simply because if she doesn’t like Hermosa, we will have to trade her in for a different baby. (more…)


This has been a big week in the life of our little Ellie Bean. First she discovered her ears (and spent 48 hours tugging on them in a way that made us worry she had a double ear infection), and then she figured out how to swing at the toys hanging down from her activity mat (all the while chattering away to communicate her enthusiasm for this particular pastime), and then she slept for 12 hours (TWICE!), and then she laughed for the first time (at my dad, about 45 minutes after I lamented to him that she hadn’t done it yet), and then she discovered her bottom lip and the corresponding ability to blow raspberries. (more…)

Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens

The purple coneflowers we planted in our side garden last year are blooming like crazy. Every time I round the corner onto our street and see them, in all of their purple coneflowery splendor, I get a little rush of happiness.

There is a new David’s Tea location that just opened in Waterloo. I went there this morning, and it was a very soothing experience, wandering around and sniffing teas, even though Ellie decided halfway through that she was hungry and tired and generally NOT INTERESTED in hanging around while I dithered over flavours. I’m currently sipping a mug of their Buttered Rum flavour, which contains coconut and vanilla (and sadly no actual rum).

Now that the postal strike has ended and the mailpeople seem to have worked their way through most of the backlog, I’ve received the two issues of Real Simple that were languishing unread in a dusty warehouse somewhere. This means I can spend a few minutes of Ellie’s naptime every day drinking a hot beverage and daydreaming about all of the various projects I will likely never attempt and yet very much enjoy contemplating, like repainting an old dresser or making a peach galette or wearing the right type of jeans for my body type.

I just ordered three pairs of baby legwarmers. I am anticipating X-Treme Cuteness when they arrive.

Baby koalas!