Monthly archive for July 2011


July 26 was the 8-year anniversary of the day Mike stood up in front of a small group of our family and closest friends and promised to love, honour, and cherish me even though I have no idea where our ironing board is. Our friend Bethany babysat for a couple of hours and we went out to dinner at our favourite restaurant in Guelph, where we discussed how much our lives have changed in the past year and then argued a little bit about the role government should play in administering social services. It was a lovely evening and pretty representative of our marriage, as was the pro tip Mike whispered conspiratorially to Ellie the other day when I disappeared into our room to get changed into (as I put it) “real pants” only to appear again wearing my purple plaid pajama bottoms: “Just so you know, when Mommy says ‘pants’ she ALMOST ALWAYS means ‘pajamas’.”

There’s no denying I’m a very lucky woman.

For sale

Lest I give you the mistaken impression that my life is now all long, luxurious sleeps and snuggly babies in feetie pajamas, I feel I need to disclose that sometimes it’s also taking 90 minutes to complete the 45-minute bedtime routine while Mike is at baseball, and staggering exhausted to the basement only to discover a giant centipede that withstood 8 smashes with a heavy book before finally dying in a fashion that was unconvincing enough I keep going back to check if it’s still dead. (Yes, I am leaving the carcass for Mike to clean up when he gets home. I AM ONLY HUMAN, PEOPLE.)

In related news, we must move immediately. Does anyone want to buy an adorable 3-bedroom home on a quiet cul-de-sac? Priced to move. Only somewhat infested with horrifying unkillable insects.

Side effects

Pleasant side effects of having a baby:

  • For some reason, I feel less silly talking to Ellie than I do when I talk to the pets. Possibly because she often smiles in agreement when I pass judgment on the wardrobes of Food Network show hosts. (Why the yoga capris, Matt Dunnigan? WHY?!)
  • People say Ellie looks like me. People also say she is very cute. By way of transitive property, me = very cute.
  • There is always someone available to snuggle on a moment’s notice. Especially lovely when that someone is wearing footie pajamas.

Not entirely unpleasant side effects of having a baby that still require some adjustment on my part: (more…)