Monthly archive for June 2011


I have a plant in my office that starts at the top left corner of a very tall bookcase, then crawls across the top of the bookcase, down the side, and then a few feet across the floor. I’ve cut it back a few times, but I tend to let it grow, mostly out of fascinated curiosity. How long will it possibly GROW? I hardly ever water it, and the room is dark this time of year due to an overgrown maple tree right outside the window. It somehow thrives in spite of this, and there is a very real possibility that the plant will eventually eat us or kill us in our sleep, which is why I named it Rick Moranis. (Well, the other reason I named it Rick Moranis is because of a miscommunication with Mike, wherein he referenced Little Shop of Horrors and I incorrectly thought he meant that Rick Moranis played the plant.) At any rate, having a plant named thusly is enjoyable for two reasons: firstly, it is oddly entertaining to refer to a plant by both a first name and last name, due to the feeling of formality it gives the plant, and secondly, when Mike says things like “Your plant is OUT OF CONTROL!” I can indigantly and coldly respond with, “HE HAS A NAME YOU KNOW.” (more…)


I had a whole blog post typed yesterday, but I ended up discarding it because I was complaining about something that makes me sound like a jerk, and thankfully I realized that before I hit the publish button. There are just some things that I think I should just keep to myself, or maybe just grumble to Mike, because he loves me and as my husband is legally obligated to listen to me even when I sound like an idiot. At any rate, I will share something that will likely still make some people hate me, but it is so new and exciting to me, I just can’t keep it to myself.  (more…)