I’m currently sitting on the living room couch, with Norton the Cat curled up on top of my legs (he likes that spot because it’s on the other side of my laptop, so he gets extra warmth from the heat being spit out the back of my ancient, overheating computer) and with a perfect view of the perfect Christmas tree.  I think that whole process — donning warm clothes and ridiculous accessories, driving to the tree farm, finding the perfect tree, cutting down the perfect tree, loading the perfect tree into the back of our car, dragging the perfect tree into our house, and then decorating it and discovering that it really IS the perfect tree — might be my favourite part of the Christmas season. 

Or one of a multitude of other Christmas activities (including, but not limited to, the following: breakfast with my family on Christmas morning, hanging out with our niece & nephew, handing Mike little bits of tape as he takes on the tedious task of wrapping all our presents, and watching for the first house in our neighbourhood to turn on their Christmas lights so I can say smugly that it’s Way Too Early while I secretly feel that it is, in fact, a shame that the lights are not up all winter long) that make me realize this is really not a very scientific process, narrowing down a large list to just one Favourite Thing, because we’re comparing things here that really can’t be measured in any quantifiable way.  To that I say, it really is a shame that Christmas Spirit cannot be counted using any standard unit of measurement, and perhaps we should rectify this by establishing one, so that in dire circumstances we would know exactly how many millilitres of Baileys are required in one’s hot chocolate in order to properly rectify the situation.

However, I can state with certainty that the baby kept me awake for quite a while last night, kicking me repeatedly in the same spot (kick-pause-kick-pause-kick-pause for over an hour) and then I dreamed that a) a former boss gave me an impassioned speech about how much she hates our dog, b) I had to crawl through a very small tunnel underneath some stairs in order to prevent a murder from happening, and c) I was stranded on top of a very tall building and had to be rescued by Batman, so this tree must be truly perfect indeed, to have me in such a festive mood.