Monthly archive for December 2010


Mike and I just got finished making these cookies to bring to the New Year’s bash we’re attending later this evening.  One of the major downsides of being pregnant is that it takes a lot of the fun out of baking, namely because eating raw cookie dough is now on the List of Forbidden Activities.  I think I miss it even more than I miss alcohol, or good cheese, taking a hot bath, or going an hour without feeling some sort of stabbing pain in my ribs, so I’m sure you can understand my impatience to sample one of the cookies right from the oven.  I managed to let them cool for a whole FIVE MINUTES and then wandered into the kitchen as Mike was moving the first batch onto a cooling rack.  (more…)

Perfect tree

I’m currently sitting on the living room couch, with Norton the Cat curled up on top of my legs (he likes that spot because it’s on the other side of my laptop, so he gets extra warmth from the heat being spit out the back of my ancient, overheating computer) and with a perfect view of the perfect Christmas tree.  I think that whole process — donning warm clothes and ridiculous accessories, driving to the tree farm, finding the perfect tree, cutting down the perfect tree, loading the perfect tree into the back of our car, dragging the perfect tree into our house, and then decorating it and discovering that it really IS the perfect tree — might be my favourite part of the Christmas season.  (more…)


I’ve been playing a new little game, ever since we found out we’re expecting a baby, where I go places and make a mental note if there are babies present there or not.  Not necessarily to figure out if such a place is APPROPRIATE for babies, but more to reassure myself a little bit that there are certain aspects of my life that won’t have to change so much after the baby arrives.  As I go from place to place, I update my little mental checklist, gradually adding to a list that hasn’t ended up being a short as I originally thought it would be.  Babies at Old Navy?  Check.  Babies at the grocery store?  Check.  Babies at Chapters?  Check.  Babies at the place where we like to go for breakfast?  Check.

Yesterday, we went to the mall to try to finish up some Christmas shopping.  I must say that babies must really dig Christmas shopping, because the place was a freaking baby jamboree.  And so many of them so tiny, just fresh from the oven!  It got the wheels of my head turning, imagining life and what it will look like in 6 months, or a year, or two years from now.  A week of volunteering at Camp Hermosa with a BABY!  Visiting my parents to celebrate family birthdays with a BABY!  Figuring out how to work from home with a BABY!  Christmas shopping with a BABY!  The mind boggles.