I think I’ve mentioned in this space before (perhaps repeatedly) that I tend to have some very weird dreams.  This problem has intensified somewhat with pregnancy, possibly due to the fact that I never seem to sleep for longer than 45 minutes to an hour at a time, although thankfully the dreams have mellowed a little and I haven’t had a “trapped in an elevator” nightmare in quite a while.

Right before I woke up this morning, I was dreaming about being in a business meeting with all the members of a company that primarily made and sold craft beer.  The company owner was my boss from my university summer job, and one of the other participants was someone I haven’t seen or thought about since high school (plus her boyfriend), with the rest being generic placeholder people, with the exception of an older man who we found out later in the meeting was writing a memoir about his time travelling around the United States in a covered wagon during the frontier days.  (Which makes absolutely no sense, but whatever.) 

He admitted to the group that he was having trouble coming up with a suitable title for his memoir.  I flipped through the pages of his manuscript and ultimately suggested “FULL FRONTIER:  The True Story Of One Man’s Journey Across North America”.  And everyone at the table unanimously agreed that it was a TERRIBLE title for a book, in spite of the fact that I read the title with an appropriately dramatic tone, paused in all the right spots, and punctuated the air with a gesture involving my index and middle fingers when I read the “colon” part.

That was several hours ago, and I still think it was a great title.  I, for one, would HAPPILY read a book with that title.  None of the people manufactured by my subconscious have ANY IDEA what they are talking about.