I am really, really bad at buying things that are rare for some reason and putting off using them to the point where they’re no longer usable and/or I no longer even WANT to use them.  There is a box of available-in-the-US-only Cheerios sitting on top of our fridge, stale and way past their best before date, that can attest to this fact.  (Or they could, if they could talk, but talking cereal is an entirely different sort of issue, and one I’d prefer not to discuss now, in the interest of time and also I really don’t want to contemplate the idea of conversational foodstuffs.)  I think the primary issue is not that I don’t want to use the product, but rather that I don’t want to deal with the inevitable heartbreak of using the very last drops/crumbs/whatever and having no opportunity to replenish, at least not within a reasonable  time frame.  Instead I just let the products languish in our house, and I get no enjoyment out of them whatsoever, except the satisfaction of procuring them in the first place, and it makes no sense at all and I can’t explain it except to say I am a complex tapestry of emotions, especially when it comes to cereal and/or the elusive Diet Snapple Peach Iced Tea. 

Around this time last year, I went shopping in the States with my aunt, and it was a lovely weekend and I made some very satisfying and affordable purchases, including 3 travel-sized bottles of a purple substance at Bath & Body Works that is sparkly, nice-smelling, and works as shampoo OR body wash or even BOTH, if you’re in a pinch.  I used a bottle of it around the time of purchase, I gave another one away as a Christmas gift, and I am now down to the bottom inch or so in the last bottle, which I have only been using on days that for one reason or another require the application of sparkly body wash that smells like candy.  As I was showering today, it occurred to me that it might be available on eBay.  Freshly washed and smelling delicious, I hopped on my computer and discovered, to my great delight, that not only is it available on eBay, it is also available in full-sized 16 oz bottles (although not without paying an unreasonable sum).

I was primed to hit the Buy It Now button when I realized I have a few options here:

  • Buy the large bottle
  • Buy the 5-pack of smaller bottles, in the hopes that the individual packages will help me ration the sweet, sudsy nectar
  • Buy neither, because it is a limited time, seasonal product that was discontinued at least a year ago, if not longer, and thus I will eventually have to get used to life without it, and maybe I might as well get over the disappointment now

I suppose I also have a fourth option (remember that we’re just talking about glorified soap here and make a freaking decision already) but sometimes it is nice to consider all the implications of a purchase, even one as unimportant, in the grand scheme of things, as purple body wash.