I’m sitting here, in my pajamas and full of clams, quite content except for the fact that we’re perched rather precariously on the line between the sweetness of wow-there-are-so-many-days-of-vacation-still-spreading-before-us and the bitterness of oh-no-it’s-half-over-but-I-don’t-want-to-go-home-yet.  It’s beautiful out here, and wild, and lousy with all kinds of majestic natural beauty, which I guess is okay, if you like that sort of stuff.  Which we do, and which is why Mike spent more than a few minutes the other night surfing real estate listings, and brainstorming solutions to the problem of lack of jobs in his field and being so far from our family and friends and whether the dog would completely melt down if we had to ship her via Fedex to the east coast.  No immediate solutions sprang to mind, so I guess we’ll be returning home in a little over a week, but I’m sure we’ll re-adjust to life in the K-Dub, a zillion miles from the nearest ocean and even further from mountains and fresh clams.  We always do adjust — Mike always looks at real estate while we’re on vacation and we always still come home without the deed to a new house in our carry-on — and coming home is nice. (Right?)  (more…)