Because you are all very loyal readers, I am going to reward your loyalty and devotion by talking about pudding some more.  (I KNOW!  You’re welcome.)  I emailed Mike to tell him about my pudding failure (it eventually did sort of thicken in a disgusting, congealy sort of way, but it tasted like it smelled, and sadly it did not smell like a delicious creamy treat with notes of cinnamon and vanilla) and the conversation went down sort of like this: 

Me:  I made rice pudding but my pudding science was off and it tasted like scorched milk and death.  I am sad.

Mike:  That is very sad.  Pudding science is tricky business.

Me:  I probably should have just eaten some of the pudding we already had.

Mike:  We have pudding?

That last bit is only funny if you’re aware of the fact (and I probably should have led with this bit, but oh well) that we have something like 36 pudding cups in a closet in our basement because I went shopping to the United States with Pam a couple of weekends ago and we went to Kroger and in a fit of bargain-induced madness we each bought 10 packages of pudding cups for the low, low price of $10.  (I KNOW!)  I really have no idea what happened, except that I like pudding and consider it to be a not-terrible-for-me sort of treat (according to what sort of nutritional math I’m not entirely sure, maybe when compared to mainlining a whole carton of Haagen Dazs?) (not that I would do such a thing) (I prefer Ben & Jerry’s anyway) and sometimes I get it into my head that in case of nuclear warfare or zombie apocolpyse, it would be nice to know I have some portable snacks to eat while huddled fearfully in my basement or toss in my backpack before I head out on the run through the desolate streets of a once beautiful city.  It’s the same thing that happened when I bought all of those animal crackers, but at least in that case I didn’t then turn around a week later and make the problem worse by trying to bake MORE animal crackers because I accidentally bought too much flour or something.

All of this is to say that when going to the grocery store, proper planning = Very Important.