We spent the weekend at my parents’ place in Aurora, and as is our habit when we drive there on Friday evenings in the summer, we chose to forgo our usual route (which takes us north on highway 400) and instead took an alternate route (which is slightly longer, but more scenic and less infested with stressed-out cottagers heading up north for the weekend).  Our conversation during this trip was light and meandering to say the least, featuring a lengthy discussion on what Mike says his favourite movie is (The Shawshank Redemption) and what his ACTUAL favourite movie is (Zoolander), as well as what I say my favourite book is (Nine Stories) and what my ACTUAL favourite book is (Love Story), with these very scientific rankings based on which movie Mike would choose to watch if he was taking a sick day, and which book I’ve read cover to cover more than 20 times and openly sobbed like a little girl at the end every single time, respectively. 

At one point, our discussion turned to what we’d like to eat if it was our last meal, and the following conversation was had after Mike said he’d like to eat steak and lobster:

Mike: This is going to sound like a rather random shift in the direction of our conversation, but I swear it’s not.  Did you hear that a death row criminal in Utah was killed by a firing squad?

Me: A firing squad?  Really?

Mike: Apparently it was just recently made illegal, but the guy requested it while it was still legal, so that’s what happened.

Me: I think that’s what I would choose if I had to choose between that and lethal injection.  Did he have a cigarette and a blindfold?

Mike: No, but he did have a last meal.  Apparently he had lobster, which is what made me think of this.

Me: I thought you were drawing a parallel between a firing squad and a lobster being boiled alive.

Mike: What would YOU have for your last meal?

Me: I love me some really good food, but honestly, I’d probably request nachos dripping with fake cheese sauce followed by a chocolate cake made with Betty Crocker cake mix and topped with icing from a can.  Then I’d wash it all down with Diet Coke.

Mike: Please tell me you’d at least have something other than CAFFEINE FREE Diet Coke.

Me: I don’t see why not.  If I was being marched in front of a firing squad the next day, I’d probably be awake all night anyway.

We’re coming up on our 7th anniversary in a little over a month, and while that isn’t SO long in the grand scheme of things, it’s still reassuring to know we haven’t yet run out of things to talk about.