Monthly archive for June 2010

Something to talk about

We spent the weekend at my parents’ place in Aurora, and as is our habit when we drive there on Friday evenings in the summer, we chose to forgo our usual route (which takes us north on highway 400) and instead took an alternate route (which is slightly longer, but more scenic and less infested with stressed-out cottagers heading up north for the weekend).  Our conversation during this trip was light and meandering to say the least, featuring a lengthy discussion on what Mike says his favourite movie is (The Shawshank Redemption) and what his ACTUAL favourite movie is (Zoolander), as well as what I say my favourite book is (Nine Stories) and what my ACTUAL favourite book is (Love Story), with these very scientific rankings based on which movie Mike would choose to watch if he was taking a sick day, and which book I’ve read cover to cover more than 20 times and openly sobbed like a little girl at the end every single time, respectively.  (more…)

Two scoops

I am well aware that this is probably interesting to no one but me, but it had such a positive effect on my mood I feel obligated to share it with you all, in case you are having a similar problem with your Raisin Bran.

The situation here is that I love Raisin Bran, and I was buying it with some regularity until I discovered that the number of raisins in the box had dwindled down to nearly nothing.  I exclaimed indignantly to Mike that I THOUGHT each box was supposed to have TWO SCOOPS, and he was forced to remind me that “two scoops” is not exactly a standardized unit of measurement, so it was entirely possible each box did in fact contain the advertised two scoops. While technically correct, this did nothing to increase my blood raisin level, which at that point was dangerously low.   (more…)


Cat experts tend to recommend that the number of litterboxes a cat-owning family have in the house should be equal to x + 1, where x=the number of cats you have on hand at any given time.  We have two cats, and are rule-following, equation-loving, cat-expert-respecting people, so we have three litterboxes.  Two of them are located in bathrooms (partially due to the fact that bathrooms are already theoretically kind of icky so we’re less concerned about the far flung tracking of little tiny bits of litter by little tiny feet, but mostly because there just is no good place to store something like a box full of multi-cat formula, odour-fighting, dust-free clumping gravel) and I’m always surprised by the frequency with which I enter a bathroom and already find it occupied by a cat, focused intently on doing the exact thing I was just planning to do.  I am even MORE surprised that my natural reaction is not to ignore the cat and stick with the original plan, but rather to apologize to the cat and sheepishly back out of the bathroom.

Step 2

I forgot to post about this last week, but I am participating in The 365 Project, and last Thursday was my day.  The goal of the project is to capture 365 individual perspectives on the 365 days in 2010, and my post (the comments of which feature someone who is inexplicably very upset at the fact that I used that post to spread dirty lies about ostriches) was about how in the general spectrum of awareness of the world around me, I tend to end up at the end where I have to ask Mike when he gets home from work whether something happened in Poland a few weeks ago because I keep seeing references to Poland in places that previously were relatively consistent in their lack of reporting on the aforementioned country.  (more…)