1.  I dropped my iPhone on my big toe a week ago, and it hurt enough it actually brought tears to my eyes, and my big toe has been a particularly psychedelic shade of purple ever since.  It was the third time I’d dropped it in the same day, so now I’m in the market for a sturdy yet attractive case for it, but I can’t help but wonder why someone would make such an expensive piece of technology so darn SLIPPERY. 

2.  While in line at our local butcher shop last week, in addition to our usual order of organic milk, I somehow ended up buying chicken pot pies, tomatoes, and a package of coffee that is supposedly flavoured like “chocolate butter toffee” or some such nonsense, because it was a very long line and I am highly suggestible.  I very rarely drink coffee, and when I do it tends to be in a very unbalanced coffee:milk:syrup ratio and served in a paper cup with a mermaid on the front, so I can’t figure out WHY I bought it, or exactly WHAT I planned to do with it.  It just so happens the dreary mornings this week have had me feeling somewhat dreary as well, so I brewed up a cup the other day, and then again yesterday, and while it certainly did the trick in terms of my alertness, I have to say that it just tastes like … coffee.  Whither my chocolate butter toffee flavour, Baden Coffee Company?

3.  The Food Network, which as far as I’m concerned can normally do no wrong, has put billboards up all over our city to advertise their “Dinner:  Impossible” show, a show in which I am led to believe a chef has to prepare a rather complicated meal under very difficult circumstances.  The billboards simply say in rather large letters:  “SUCCEED OR FRY TRYING”.  I get what they’re trying to do there, with the play on words, but the actual slogan … just doesn’t make any sense.  I’m guessing they ended up there via a long process during which they discarded “SUCCEED OR DIE FRYING” for being too gruesome, and “SUCCEED OR TRY PIEING” as being too evocative of a 3 Stooges bit, but I don’t like the end result.  I don’t like it ONE BIT.