I don’t have much work to do today, so when I was creating my to do list this morning, I included two items that relate to a personal writing project I have going, on which my progress has been limited (and crappy).  I didn’t get much sleep last night (featured nightmare: a screaming argument with my mom over my insistence on taking a multi-vitamin) and my mind has been fluttering about all day, resisting every attempt to reign it in.  It’s probably just as well, because I’m pretty sure anything I could churn out at this point wouldn’t be considered an improvement.

Case in point:  I just told someone I had the attention span of a goldfish today.  And then subsequently remembered that it’s the memory of a goldfish that is short, not its attention span, which means my metaphor is both lazy and inaccurate.  Perhaps a comparison to a 4-year-old with a belly full of Red Dye #5 would be more apt?  A teenager with a new cell phone and an unlimited texting package?  A mustachioed philanderer in the throes of a midlife crisis?  Elizabeth Taylor, circa 1950-1996?

These awful metaphors doing anything for anyone?