I think I have mentioned before that when it is sunny out, Daisy wants to Go! Play! Outside! and she wants to do it right now, immediately, and for as long as we both shall live.  Note that her yearning to Go! Play! Outside! has nothing to do with her desire to be walked; each of these needs can be met independently of one another and often are.  Her need to play doesn’t seem to have anything to do with exercise and it basically boils down to an overwhelming desire to go run around the backyard in pursuit of some brightly-coloured toy. 

Walking can be accomplished in any weather, but playing outside can only be done when it is sunny (or thus spake my dog, anyway).  During the summer, I would most days oblige her and would toss the frisbee for a few minutes while sitting on the deck with a book (my life, it is very hard).  This winter, she has – on the few sunny days each month – been very insistent in her attempts to convince me to Go! Play! Outside!  She does this by bringing me a toy, and whining, and then another toy, and more whining, and then a sad face in my lap, and more whining, and pawing at the door downstairs, and other toy, and then the sad face in my lap again.

If I mistakenly assume that she just wants to go outside on her own, she will exit the house, turn 360 degrees, and stand at the door, looking expectantly at me.  If I turn to come back upstairs, she barks to come inside.  Lather, rinse, repeat … all winter long.  I have on a few occasions gone out to play with her when the weather has been both sunny and moderately warm, but for most days during the winter, never the twain shall meet, so I think my poor pooch might wither away into a melancholy little furball, if the saddest face in the world staring up at me as I type this is any indication.

I’m at a loss for how to explain to her that yes, it is sunny, and yes February is finally over, but really, it is -11 degrees right now (with the windchill packing a further wallop!) and that’s just not good playing weather.  I am so ready for it to be spring.  I want warmth and sunshine and chipring birdies and t-shirt weather and budding leaves and I want them now, right now, immediately, and for as long as we both shall live.