New year, new blog.  Thanks to Chris for setting me up with the WordPress template.  If only one of my new year’s resolutions was to add more hot pink to my life, I’d be well on my way to a happy and satisfied 2009 already!

(Note:  for those that object to the pink, there is a pretty link to an RSS feed in the nav bar that you can make use of.  Otherwise, just try to avert your eyes and think manly thoughts.)

I have lots to say, I think.  There was Australia (where I got licked by a wallaby, which grossed out the Australian relations, and ate a lot of pastry, which didn’t gross them out at all) and there’s the Diet Coke thing and the notes I took from the Skymall catalogue between LA and Toronto and the fact that all the diet commercials in January make me crazy.

Plus maybe I’m going to write a book, and I am figuring the process of doing so might be awful and wonderful and you’ll all get to enjoy it along with me.  (Not the book itself.  That you’ll have to pay for, if it ever gets published.  Did you know that Gone With The Wind was rejected by 38 publishers before it finally found a home?)

So, you know, there’s a sneak peak.  Please stick around!